Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ah good morning. There you are. Meet my newest robot. I have named this stern little fellow Principal-4bes.

I decided to go a little crazy and start a wee etsy shop, just a wee one mind, so Principal-4bes is my start on building up some stock. I have no idea what to charge for a small handmade felt robot, I will have to conduct some extremely serious "market research" and prepare a "market report" and present it to myself in a very formal meeting in which I discuss "goals" and "expanding the market". Perhaps I could make a little market research robot to help me with this. It sounds awfully difficult.

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  1. I would charge a million dollars a robot 'cos then you'd only have to sell a couple before you could retire. Kx

  2. oooooo! I like Principal-4bes. Yes, just ask the robots what they are programmed to sell for. whew! That saved you a lot of research now didn't it?

  3. Oooh, good luck with your etsy shop.

  4. Didn't I tell you *ages* ago that you should sell your robots!!?? I hope you make squillions, Miss Smith, because you are my favourite crafter of all.