Thursday, August 21, 2008

My sisters are my craft enablers

Oh cool, a package in the post full of robot supplies. My sister Miriam sent up a whole lot of buttons and toggles from a recent junk shop expedition. You can expect to see them all turning up soon on various robots! Thanks Miriam, they are fantastic. I am rather lucky actually, all my sisters enable my craft activities in one way or another. First, they taught me how to sew and knit, and second, they all love my stuff which makes it rather fun to do. Thanks you three!
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  1. aw shucks.. and you know I think you have inspired us all to craft like we're turning 38 tomorrow..speaking of which, talk about Krama (craft karma) .. but I got all handmade presents in the post this week.. a very cute little coffee purse from Marg (thank you Marg, ka pai) and a knitted square from Miri. She left me guessing as to its purpose but I am using it to put under the flowers in the hallway so as not to leave a water ring on the side table.

    Lovely earthy colours - tell me Miri did you score the wool from an op shop? I BET you did. A trio of oppoholics - must be a genetic component - speaking of which, I have the ultimate craft recycling challenge for you .. what can you do with a pair of second hand underpants? Wouldn't that make a great little craft project for World Sweet World?

  2. Hey the knitted square from MIri ( I have on good authority) is a dishcloth. But any old thing you want to make it do Im sure is ok. It would probably rather not wash the pot's bottoms if it had a choice anyway. Im glad you liked the purse. Ros loved your Robot Jen. SHe sits in fromt of her computer and keeps her on task all day long. Happy birthday Maryanna

  3. How kind of you Miri to knit a dish cloth for Trevor! And so neatly too - a lot of crafting pride has gone into its construction.

    You know it does match our decor perfectly, how smug is that?

    Roll over stylists from " Your Home and Garden" never seen you with a kitchen set up that has a matching dishcloth.

    Of couse I did think Leanne Yare had it all with her pilot's licence and Mt Eden address and her hobby doing stylist work for magazines but does she have a matching dish cloth no no no.