Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting organized

Goodness me, I can't believe I was such a bossy boots yesterday, telling you all to go quit something. Don't mind me.

It seems everyone is getting organized at the moment, I was particularly impressed by Louise's WIP bags over there on Twenty Cent Mixture. It made me do something about my old old knitting bag, my old old paper knitting bag with holes in it (above). I found this rather sweet little cane basket at the recycling centre, and made it my new knitting basket (below). That black rectangle you can see in it is...what else...the beginnings of a knitted robot.

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  1. I have abasket for wool exactly the same as yours. How comforting

  2. Oh, I loved how you told us to give something up! I needed the old kick! And I have to say I am particularly excited about this expression, "bossy boots!" No one says that in the USA. I can't WAIT for the next time I am bossy to a friend so that I can say, "Oh, I'm so sorry for being such a BOSSY BOOTS!" When you're done organizing your place, come on over and do a number on mine. I know you would make it look much, much nicer.

    Thank-you for the compliment on my blog. "Oh, shucks!" I love your blog too. It's delightful!