Friday, August 15, 2008's robot giveaway day

This morning I programmed model4U to generate random numbers and pick his new owner. After only microseconds (because he is a very fast little robot) he picked no. 1, who happens to be Christy. So Christy, let me know your postal address by sending me an email at the address on the side link and he will be on his way to your place.

BUT WAIT. There's more. I made another robot to help me with general housework. His name is model4u2 (see below). He was also programmed to select a random number (because he can be programmed to do anything, not just domestic chores) and he picked no. 3, who is Ros at hospital EC centre. So Ros, same deal, send me your postal address and he will pack his tiny robot bags and come to your place.

Have a great Friday everyone!
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  1. That is soo cool and purple too.
    My colourist has advised that purple is one of my best colours being a "Deep Autumn" Girl.
    That has made my friday.
    Thanks Miss Smith
    Ros Lamond
    C/o Dunedin Hospital Early Childhood Centre
    201 Great KIng Street
    Dunedin 9016

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  4. You mean, ME? Oh, yay! The only reason I am just now commenting is because I have been out of town w/out the computer. I was having a very sucktastic day but am beginning to see the light now. This has cheered me up emmensely on such a dreary Monday. My wee robot from Miss Smith! Thankyou!

    (so sorry for all the deleting and messed up comments. It has to do with me being a spaz and messing up.)

  5. Oh dear. I can't find the sidelink to send you my address, but you can email me and then me you? I'm completely hopeless. Atleast you have 5 comments now!

  6. oh for the love of pete! Now I didn't give you my email address: Email me and I'll email you back. I promise to stop commenting now. Maybe my new robot will keep me better organized.