Friday, August 29, 2008

The unthinkable.

Blogfriends, the unthinkable has happened. I am sick of craft. Yep, sick of it. This little fit of pique is because it seemed like everything I sewed yesterday ended up being a disaster. Do you have sewing days like that? Please reassure me. It's not that I was having a bad day in every respect, it was actually a really good day. The sun shone, the kids were in great moods, I had a fun night out at playcentre sewing dolls clothes (yes, these were the offending items that insisted on being a disaster, no matter what I did). But all the disastrous sewing has left me looking resentfully at my sewing machine, blaming it for being bad.

Let's talk about something else. This weekend we are going to Kaiteriteri. It's only a little over an hour's drive away, and there are beautiful beaches and lots of baches to rent. It feels so holidayish there. We have taken lots of holidays this past year, at least one adventure a month, and it's been fantastic. The children quite frequently ask "when's our next sleepover somewhere fun?". Well kids, it's tonight, and it's gonna be a cracker because we're going away with two friends whose company we all love.

This is kaiteriteri. It sho is perty.
See y'all on Monday. Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thrashing a good idea- Part 1

A while ago I had a stint of making "texture cushions". Just to show that I am still throwing that idea around, thrashing it if you will, here are some more. These are the rather quaintly named "European"-sized (65 x 65 cm), so they're quite big. They are for the babies area in a childcare centre in Dunedin. As you can see, these ones are in the red/orange/yellow/brown colour spectrum. I've got another two nearly finished in the blue/gree/red/purple spectrum (stay tuned!). The big beautiful proteas are from two table napkins- they've been in my sewing stash for quite a while, looking for somewhere to call home.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ah good morning. There you are. Meet my newest robot. I have named this stern little fellow Principal-4bes.

I decided to go a little crazy and start a wee etsy shop, just a wee one mind, so Principal-4bes is my start on building up some stock. I have no idea what to charge for a small handmade felt robot, I will have to conduct some extremely serious "market research" and prepare a "market report" and present it to myself in a very formal meeting in which I discuss "goals" and "expanding the market". Perhaps I could make a little market research robot to help me with this. It sounds awfully difficult.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Chocolate mousse

Right, that's it. I'm gonna have to make some chocolate mousse to justify my recent purchase of these charming little glasses from the recycling centre ($1 for the six, since you're wondering). Wouldn't they look supercute with chocolate mousse in them? I'll say. Now, should I make the healthy one, or go straight for the one with loads of alcohol, chocolate, and cream in it?
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday treat

This morning Phoebe dropped around this rather delightful card, which I feel I must share with you all (it's a special birthday treat for you Mary Anna, and a friday treat for everyone else).
Only slightly less hot than Harrison Ford during his Hans Solo phase, wouldn't you agree?

I'm SERIOUS about Hans Solo!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My sisters are my craft enablers

Oh cool, a package in the post full of robot supplies. My sister Miriam sent up a whole lot of buttons and toggles from a recent junk shop expedition. You can expect to see them all turning up soon on various robots! Thanks Miriam, they are fantastic. I am rather lucky actually, all my sisters enable my craft activities in one way or another. First, they taught me how to sew and knit, and second, they all love my stuff which makes it rather fun to do. Thanks you three!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneaking cool stuff into the house

I'm trying not to be such a womble at the moment, you know, trying to get rid of stuff instead of bringing more in. But when I saw this beeeeautiful lightshade at the recycling centre the other day, what could I do? It had to come and live at my place because no one else would love it quite like I do. To make it even more exciting there were two of these, so I took them both (because they'd miss each other if I only took one). Sigh....who else loves pink glass lightshades? Anyone? I bet YOU do.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

When in doubt, copy.

Remember the line in that song that goes "I wanna be different, just like allllllll the different people". That could be the theme track for a bag I made this week. I've always really liked the all day tote in Lotta Jansdotter's book (pictured above). I love how it's square, and plain, yet at the same time so funky and original.

SO I copied it, wholesale, right down to having three badges on it, see? I made mine as a present for my friend Phoebe, whose birthday was last week. She and I went out last night and my sides are still hurting because I laughed so much. Three glasses of red wine, a pizza, a movie, and a good friend really are great ingredients for a perfect Saturday night. Happy birthday Phoebe!

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Friday, August 15, 2008's robot giveaway day

This morning I programmed model4U to generate random numbers and pick his new owner. After only microseconds (because he is a very fast little robot) he picked no. 1, who happens to be Christy. So Christy, let me know your postal address by sending me an email at the address on the side link and he will be on his way to your place.

BUT WAIT. There's more. I made another robot to help me with general housework. His name is model4u2 (see below). He was also programmed to select a random number (because he can be programmed to do anything, not just domestic chores) and he picked no. 3, who is Ros at hospital EC centre. So Ros, same deal, send me your postal address and he will pack his tiny robot bags and come to your place.

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sigh...happy shades of candlewick.

Sigh....I so love candlewick bedspreads. I see a candlewick bedspread and immediately I think of seaside cribs with sand inside because you always had sandy bare feet, and eating paua patties for tea and having fried fish for breakfast. And Mum or Dad giving you some holiday spending money so you walk all the way to the shop and buy a can of pasito, and playing around the shipwreck on the beach and climbing inside it and seeing the crabs scuttle about, and sitting for ages on the broken wharf trying to catch fish. Yep, that's a candlewick bedspread memory. My craft question is: Do you think it's sacreligous to cut up a candlewick bedspread and refashion it into a duvet cover, just to drag it into the new millenium?

PS. Don't forget, robot winner is drawn tomorrow! Still time to be in!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting organized

Goodness me, I can't believe I was such a bossy boots yesterday, telling you all to go quit something. Don't mind me.

It seems everyone is getting organized at the moment, I was particularly impressed by Louise's WIP bags over there on Twenty Cent Mixture. It made me do something about my old old knitting bag, my old old paper knitting bag with holes in it (above). I found this rather sweet little cane basket at the recycling centre, and made it my new knitting basket (below). That black rectangle you can see in it is...what else...the beginnings of a knitted robot.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking holiday thoughts

I'm too busy, just too flippin' busy, so I am thinking about a holiday we had earlier this year at Collingwood, one of my favourite places on earth. Ahhhhhhh.......did you hear that sigh? I am feeling calmer already.

It's not that I don't like being busy, I do. I just like being busy with hanging out with the kids, making stuff, seeing friends, cooking, talking to my family, reading blogs. I hate being busy with too many meetings, or too much work, so guess what I just did? I just quit one of the boards I'm on. I challenge you to get rid of something you don't want to do, too! Go on! Tell them Miss Smith told you to!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Model 4U

Ahem! Ahem! I have an announcement. This latest robot is a *giveaway*. Yes, it's model 4U, cos it could be for you! Geddit, geddit? I had finally come to the end of my robot orders, so I made one to give to a blog-reader, just to say "thanks for stopping by, and thanks for liking my craft". All you have to do is leave a comment. I know the comment function can be a little baffling, but if you skip the 'sign in' bit and just tick the "name/url" bit then you can just type in your name and that's all there is to it. Or you can tick the anonymous bit, but remember to write your name in the comment somewhere, otherwise I won't know who you are. In one week's time I will do a draw using an extremely technical random number generator. I will program this robot to do it for me, after he's done my taxes of course.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happiness is a warm magazine...

Look what I got from the good people at World Sweet World! Issues 1 and 2 of their delectable, creative magazine. Sigh...I am so excited to sit down and look through all the cool ideas in here. I love this magazine, it's kind of like a beautiful housey magazine, only it's for people like me who don't like to go and buy everything new, but who like recycling and making stuff. If you live in Nelson it's stocked at Page and Blackmores, and there is also a copy in the magazine rack at Brocolli Row.

Hope you are having a fun Thursday. I have successfully avoided doing my annual taxes all day.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tension twixt myself and the Internet.

Dear Internet,
Please stop bothering me while I am trying to work. Don't play the innocent with me, you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about those hilarious sites like Stitchy McYarnpants, which keep distracting me when I should be going about my paid employment. In future, please stop being so damn entertaining, or I will be very cross.
Yours grumpily,
Miss Smith

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun with the blocks.

On Sunday afternoon me and the littlies went to the recycling centre, just for fun. Harry discovered a big box of wooden blocks, which we bought for the paltry sum of $2. There were coloured blocks and those cute retro alphabet blocks.

After the children went to school/preschool yesterday, I played with the blocks myself, just to break them in.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet Patrick

Hello, I would like to introduce you to our new friend, Patrick. He is my version of Amigurumi guy, and I made him because Harry begged me too. He said "Wow what a beautiful toy!" when he saw him on the Lion Wool Website (which is a veritable treasure trove of free patterns, by the way). Patrick is a little wonky, because that's what happens when you don't follow instructions.
I can actually follow instructions, but I never want to.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

You can't beat a good tea towel.

Being the young fogey that I am, I am particularly fond of a good tea towel. If I like plain old tea towels, imagine how much I love a handprinted tea towel with height-graded pink flamingos on it! I found just such a tea towel at the Nelson Market this morning (printed by Delume, since you're interested, who also sell at the The Suter). I snapped up four of these babies, because I know several people who would commit terrible crimes to have one of their own. You know who you are!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Because it's Friday

So there we were, just reading a Thomas story the other night, minding our own business, and look what we walked in on!

"Oh!" I gasped embarrassedly. "I beg your pardon, Fat Controller. I didn't realise you had company"
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