Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend check-list

Weekend check-list:

1 x night out for me
2 x parties for the wee ones
1 x trip to wavepool
1 x trip to cafe
3 x young fogey baking episodes (anzacs, raspberry jam, pikelets)
1 x sleepover by one of Harry's friends
1 x sick husband
1 x sick child

Oh yes, and 1 x yellow robot.
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  1. What a busy weekend Miss Smith! I love the innovation on the robot - a neck, button eyes, hook and eye hands, button dials - it just goes to show when you've got a creative mind the world's your oyster.

    Clearly robots are the new oysters.

    p.s. perhaps you could make the banana paella recipe seeing as though there is no illustration in the book. That way you could take a photo to show us what it looks like and I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding willing mouths afterwards!

  2. I feel quite tired even reading about your weekend and am amazed that you even managed to fit in a yellow robot. YOU young women are so energetic!!! I finished a sumo wrestler cushion for Rosie complete with piping around the edges. I am most proud of myself.

  3. Your cushion sounds very styley Marg!