Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for Grandma to visit

Yay! It's time for my Mum, Harry and Sylvie's Grandma, to jump off the plane and spend a few days at our place. The children are very excited and I am too. I have worn my fingerprints off with all the cleaning I've done this morning. Last time she was here she said "Well, you're such a neat and tidy person,..." Simon was so surprised to hear me described this way he nearly choked on his dinner. I smiled at him smugly and said "Mothers know best". Anyway, I have to maintain this neat and tidy illusion because she doesn't know what a slob I really am.

By the way, can you believe my next door neighbour Joy was gonna throw this clock away? I flippin love it.
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  1. Trevor will be safe from all choking moments coz I think it's safe to say she will never declare me a neat and tidy person. But hey! I've turned my weakness into a strength and hired a lovely woman who adores cleaning and tidying to do it for me. Now everyone's happy.

    I know what mum means though - I have memories of you being very tidy (quick, Simon needs the heimlich manoevre) I specifically remember many instances of you tidying our bedroom (only for me to mess it again very soon afterwards) until one day you wised up and only tidied your half. Literally - you could draw a line down the centre of the room where you had tidied.

    Miri is also extremely neat and tidy.

    I think I have always had other priorites. Lazy ones.

  2. I remember sharing a room with Miri that was impossibly untidy all the the time and Maryanna are you suggesting then that the mess was all mine!!! Have a great time with Grandma and if you get a chance could you discreetly ask when her plane gets in on Monday and flick me a reply. I am supposed to have those details written down but alas I have mislaid the letter with all my instuctions. (not that I'm untidy or anything - my style is called deep filing actually and it's a recognised organisational style typical of us creative types)

  3. Oh my goodness gracious! Does it still go? What a score! Oh and welcome to your mama! See you tomorrow! Love, Vi.dywqm

  4. deep filing huh? Must try that one on Trev next time he can't find something I "put away".

    There aint nothing wrong with your housekeepin' Marg - I seem to remember you doing the dishes straight after every meal. Fancy that!

    We were only discussing last night how when I lived alone in my single days dishes only got done in a big flurry when I'd used, and reused, every dish in my possession. In the days when Trev and I "were courting" (as he elegantly calls it) they only got done when he came round for dinner.

    Well at least he knew what he was getting himself into. Can't ever say that I'm not the woman he married!

    PS Sururban Bliss a very guilty pleasure.

  5. I hope the tidying went well. My cousin used to have 2 type of tidy, this place is a mess - please tidy it up and make everything perfect, Nana's coming.

    That clock is awesome. Can I have your next door neighbors when you have finished with them ?