Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nope, still not sick of robots.

So here is robot no. 3 for the lampshade. If you are thinking that it looks a little like a saveloy then I forgive you, because I think that too. Still, there's nothing to stop it being a saveloy robot; the lights are indicating the cooking program and the graph shows the temperature fluctuations as the savs are cooked and then dispensed into clammy white bread with tomato sauce and mustard. I didn't stitch on any saveloy dispensing unit so you'll just have to imagine where they come out. Pah ha ha ha ha! I know what you are thinking and you are very rude! Pah ha ha ha ha!
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  1. Hey love the sav, but once again obsessed by background fabric - was it once a skirt of mine? I asked myself.. but no, it will be a spotlight remnant or some other treasure you found yourself - it's clear I have fabric envy. If you showed me an inkspot I'd think it was printed on cotton drill.

    Absolutely can NOT wait to see this lampshade.

  2. I believe the lampshade ( if Im guessing correctly is the one at my house)and as Annarose has the camera in wellington it may be a while before you see it in full splendour.
    Miss SMith - thanks for the cushion covers they are so beautiful - a cheque is coming by return post. I was going to put two of them on the couch in the foyer but actually they are all going to stay on the couch in my office so I can admire them every day. Boy - man- teenager really liked the pillow cases and his mother thoughtfully bought him 2 new pillows as a special treat for his birthday. THe old pillows will become cat beds in the basement.THey match his room perfectly. SO there you go your craft has multigenerational appeal. SO versatile!! HIs mother also bought him a joke present. A packet of paper tissues with the cover reading - ahchoo - I think I must be allergic to school! It triggered a smile( cos that's what you do when you're 17) THe mother laughed long and loud.