Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More rain, and something to do.

It's still raining outside, but at least that gives us a good reason to do some fun building this afternoon. We might stick to blocks and the train set, but if we are feeling adventurous we might print off these buildings illustrated above and build them. Aren't they cool? They're free and you can download them here at Meddybemps.

Or if you feel like something VERY cute and gorgeous you could print off and build this wee Japanese fish shop. You can find it here, and there are lots of other beautiful little scenes too. Google translator will help you navigate the site, because it's all in japanese. Again, these are all free, you just print them and off you go.

Have a great wet windy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Wow thats spooky I've just got home from uni where we had a computer tutorial learning how to make nets like these on the computer. Yours are so cute!

    Theres one guy who does really amazing things with white A4 paper and a laser cutter, it's not quite the same but they're really cool and so detailed.

    If you want to look at them the website is If you enter the site then click on A4 works or something like that down the left hand side menu it will take you to the gallery.

    So sick of the rain!!

  2. Oh my, they are really beautiful Rosie!