Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Lucybot

It's robot time again. This model is called the Lucybot. It's for a little baby called Lucy, and it has a wee loop so that it can be dangled from a babygym. Lucy's parents and I were speculating that programming robots is probably a little like sign language, in that babies can do it long before they can talk. Hence this little Lucybot has a dial that indicates what Lucy needs most at anyone time; nappy, sleep, cuddle, or food. Welcome to the world little Lucy, and here's a robot to help you on your way. Love from Miss Smith xxoo
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  1. Hey I love Lucybots dial settings. Very original.

    What would harry like for his birthday?

  2. I see you have the Sparrow listed as one of your fav reads - 'nough said 'bout that me thinks! Kx