Monday, July 21, 2008

Cemetery Fun

Good evening. Tonight's discussion topic is "Is jumping on graves irreverent?"

This complex topic is a pressing issue on a sunny Monday afternoon. After careful consideration, I have decided that if it was me lying under that headstone, I would flippin' love it if a small child climbed up and joyfully leapt down. It might have been the most fun I'd had in 150 years.

Thanks for all the great ideas for rainy day activities, I knew you Dunedin folks would have a plethora of fun things to do, being so VERY experienced in making the most of bad weather. We did go out for a walk as it happens, and I was busted, yes BUSTED, in my most hideous of weekend clothes by some of my most styley friends. Oh dear. Still it resulted in a fun afternoon trip to Max, where I bought myself some very lovely new clothes. Now I will never be caught in scuffed jeans and ratty old polar fleece ever again.
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  1. I would have most certainly said "you don't stand on graves and you certainly don't jump off them" but your comment saying you wouldn't mind a child doing so on yours if you were dead is food for thought indeed! I don't think I would mind a cute wee soon to be 5 yr old climbing over my tombstone at all. Can't wait to see your Max purchases. Kx