Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When I first got a digital camera I did lots of editing out of shots that weren't quite right, funny expressions, that sort of thing. After a few months I found that I just had a string of photos where everyone was always grinning, and I suddenly realised that too much editing out can leave you with a record that isn't really true.

Anyway, it's the same sort of thing with a blog. You only write about the blogworthy moments, and you don't get round to writing about the stuff you really do. My weekend check-list is a case in point. I really did do those things, but I also lounged around in front of the telly, told the children off for whining and then did plenty of whining myself, drank too much coffee just because it tastes so good, didn't bother doing most of the sewing I had planned, chatted on the phone to my sister for a couple of hours while sauteing myself on the electric blanket, and avoided vaccuuming the house. You didn't see THOSE things on the check-list, now did you?

Okay, that's enough honesty for today. Now you might like to see some of my recent junk shopping treasures.

1. This cute 1970s flight suitcase. This makes me think of beautiful air hostesses with great hairdos and shapely legs.

2. These fabrics from the recycling centre. Four shades of herringbone, and a great retro print.

Tra la la, I love junk shopping.
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  1. He he. I have a lot of those non blog-worthy moments too. Who wants to see a shot of my disorganised sewing room? Or my warm and comfy but very un-stylish evening outfits of merino tops teamed with pajama pants?

    The Nelson recycling centre sounds fabulous! I was always jealous of what Melissa (Tiny Happy) would find there. The Wgtn recycling centres don't have as much fabric. Or maybe I don't visit often enough.

    Cute suitcase, by the way.

  2. Wonderful finds, isn't it exciting!

  3. So true, I nearly didn't blog today thinking I haven't had a really blog worthy day! But hey anything goes. Great recycling centre finds, oh such exciting things to be made.