Sunday, July 20, 2008

And model AER-6 makes six!

My robot order is complete! This makes the sixth flat robot for a lampshade, which my sister Marg is going to make. I can't wait to see it.

It's been RAINING all weekend and we have severe cabin fever. We've exhausted all our rainy-day inside games. We are sick of playing caterpillars in the sleeping bags, we've made pikelets, we played with playdough, and we've watched far too much telly. Yes, we have. This morning I think we might have to put on our gumboots and raincoats and just go out in the weather, creeping alongside walls and under trees to avoid the worst effects of the fresh air.

If you have some good rainy day games please share. I'm begging.

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  1. We did the same, decided enough was enough and braved the weather and went for a walk. We got wet and tired but the kids slept for the afternoon, hot baths, soup for tea and we feel great! now it's books, books and more books! xx

  2. Ros says she knows the feeling - these are her ideas you could build indoor huts, make indoor roads out of paper include arrows shops, zoos, road signs, right through the house, go the pool, watch endless reruns of rosemary and thyme ( nearly 7 year old's favourite) make music with pots, play statues, draw pictures on the windows,lock yourself in your room and leave the children to it.

    Marg says. I remember those days and I'm sad they're gone.