Friday, June 6, 2008

World Environment Day

So, did anyone do anything special for World Environment Day yesterday? We did. Instead of taking the car, we walked to preschool and walked to school for our first school visit (gulp- emotional moment for the mother of a small boy who can't possibly be school age yet- can he?!). Oh yes, I also made this delicious salad from "Be bold with bananas"

No, actually I didn't, because if I had've done that we would have done banana-chunder which would have added to the wastewater output for the day, and that wouldn't fit with World Environment Day at all. I was just testing to keep you on your toes!
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  1. Serves four huh? I want names, dates and places.

  2. I'm sorry but am I missing something here? Is that....surely it couldn't be.....BLACK OLIVES in the centre? Oh what a taste sensation, I'm going straight to the supermarket for the ingredients!

  3. Funny you should mention chunder.. because that gelatinous mould with little chunks of fruit and vege very much brings to mind a brush with food poisoning I once had after a chow mein.