Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The ultimate in craft cool- see it here!

You know, one of the reasons I started a blog was so that I could show off this very knitted nativity set that lives in a secret grotto at my sister's place. "The grotto" at my sister's place is an old meat safe (note the mini chandelier that lights this happy little scene up!). *Sigh*. To me, this is the ultimate in craft cool. Everything is knitted, even the gold, frankincense and myrrh. All my sisters and I have always secretly hankered after a knitted nativity set, and Mary Anna gave this one to Marg as a very lovely gift. I have absolutely no idea where this idea came from that we all we needed a knitted nativity set, I mean, it's not like you see them everyday in urban chic stores, is it?
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  1. Aah the knitted nativity set! Actually, I did see this very same pattern knitted up for sale in Scotties (verrrrrrrry exclusive clothes shop in Ponsonby) for over three hundred dollars. Sigh. Would love to have one chez nous but I'm still struggling to get pork into the house let alone a baby Jesus.

    But I still remember with great pleasure walking past the shop in Dunedin that sells them - there was a display in the front window - I went in to enquire, but she had just sold it!! She rang up the woman who made them and lucky me, she had just completed a new set. She then travelled all the way in from the Tairi plains to give it to me that very day.

    Happy happy moment. I then had the great pleasure of being able to gift them that same afternoon to Marg who had been talking for YEARS about knitted nativity sets.

    Well, she squealed with delight when I gave it to her, and it was so nice to know that even though we can't do Jesus at my place he found his rightful place at hers: in the meat safe, with a chandelier.

  2. Mum had a photo which had been cut out of a magazine of this nativity set stuck to the fridge for about ten years.I think it may have even shifted house with us. She often turns the chandelier on and opens the doors of the safe much to the horror of thomas when he arrives home with friends

  3. Marynanna, which shop in Dunedin selle this? I'm stumped.

  4. Ok - have no idea what it's called but can give your directions. From the Octogon, head up George st on the right hand side of the street (I think it turns into Princes St?) in the direction of High st. About 2 blocks up, around about opposite what used to be the Odeon (could still be, not sure, also hazy memory, so give or take 100 metres) there is a shop which specialises in knitted goods. Lots of scarfs hats - some very cool in a retro kind of way and some very not. The shop is very old fashioned, not at all sophisticated, and looks like something that belongs on the mainstreet of small town NZ.

    Marg could tell you more, she walks past it every day. Marg, is it still in existence and if so what's its name?

    I bought that knitted set last time I was in Dunedin, say 3 or so years ago?

    Happy hunting .. also very friendly lady inside, they probably don't sell their nativity sets until the Xmas season is well under way but she may be able to put you in touch with the lady in Tairi who knits them. Also she was very pleased to know that although I lived in Auckland the knitted nativity set was going to stay in Dunedin, "I always feel a bit sad when they leave the country" she said.

  5. Yes I can tell you the shop and I'm so happy that these friends ( as I do think of them in that way) have made it to cyberspace. The shop is called variety handcrafts and is next door to a hairdresser and a sushi shop and very close to disc den. Opposite back dog cafe and bar. I think they would make to order as they do stock them every christmas usually from mid november onwards. Actually I was in Hamilton the other day where I was on a panel which was interviewing a teacher about an issue and the teacher was talking about a terrible child they'd had in the school who came from somewhere else- another island they said ( as if it were a foreign country) and the child had come from Oamaru. I did chuckle to myself although my face of course maintained a stern outer exterior as befits such panel members!!

  6. oooh I love the set. I tried to find a humble looking nativity set a few years ago. I could only find gold, sparkly, or to my horror lladro. Surely traid aid would have something a little more realistic!! I found a pattern for this but lost it in the many moves. I even found a pattern for a quilted one (quilted figurines that is). Treasure the knitted one. It is fantastic. I might have nativity envy.