Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiki one tiki two

I meant to post more of my sister's great art and craft collection yesterday, but "Be bold with bananas" temporarily diverted my attention. Anyway, back to the important business of craft-sharing. The tiki and fantail above is by an Auckland artist whose name I have forgotten, Jarrod Something-or-Other (can you remind me Mary Anna?). The cushion below is Mary Anna's own tiki cushion, with felt and fabric decorations. Ka pai Mary Anna, ka pai. Ka rawe te kōrero Māori. Have a fun Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Well I am just thrilled to get a second showing!! The artist is Jarad Bryant. He has since printed cards from many of the images from his "lucky tiki" series so you can imagine how smug I feel to own the original painting.

    I know many of my single friends who might be interested in a banana candle by the way, should you feel like being bold some time soon.

    Also, I don't know if you read through the phrases on the korero Maori page you directed us to, but under "basic phrases" it has "take it easy on the drinking" and "you're a bit dodgy" .

    Odd what different cultures consider basic isn't it? I remember my Polish phrasebook had " taxi driver, please turn on the fare meter" under it's everyday survival section.

  2. Hey Marynanna, didn't you also learn another exceptionally useful phrase like, "no I have not brought two ham sandwiches with me"?!?

  3. I believe you are right Nicola. And you know what, I also believe I might finally get to use it:

    nie przynosiłem 2 canapki z szynka z mną.