Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Texture cushions"

On Friday I was entrusted with a secret mission from the childcare centre my children go to. They wanted some nice bright cushions with lots of different textures and colours on them, "texture cushions", for the babies. They had already got some fabric scraps from my favourite clothing shop in Nelson, Go Clothing, so I was rather excited to take the bag of fabric home and have a good rifle through it on Friday night. This project was SO fun. There are smooth fabrics next to fluffy ones, and bits and pieces of ribbons and trims from own stash finally found a home. The embroidered piece is from an old table cloth that I had meaning to re-use in some way for the longest time, and check out that lurex piece! Using so many different weights of fabrics on these covers had some challenges in terms of stretching and puckering, so I quilted the worst offenders onto a backing to stabilize them a bit.

PS. Sorry about the crap photos, it's too wet to go outside to take photos and the light inside is...well...rather yellow.
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  1. Lovely cushions - the kids will love them. What a great excuse to mix a variety of fabrics without worrying too much how they look together. Kx

  2. Ooooo. Aren't they lovely?! Very, very clever. Love, V.

  3. Beautiful cushions - perfect sensory expereinces fro samll children. I love them

  4. oops for small children ....