Monday, June 30, 2008

Roys Rolls of Texture Cushions

Aren't these just the rolls royce of texture cushions? These are in one of my favourite japanese craft books, and it's where I got the idea for Shuko's little bed in the cushions that I made last weekend. I am making some more texture cushions at the moment, but I can't show you them yet because I know that the person who ordered them reads my blog often, and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Tonight I went to the spotlight sale to get some fabric to make into pillowcases for a teenage boy, no, a teenage man. Can you imagine how difficult that is? Craft for a teenage boy is a difficult task. Still, I vowed at the start of the year that no one would be safe from my craft activities and he's just gotta face the fact that his Auntie will make him something whether he likes it or not!

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  1. you know why those cushions look so bootiful? I do.. because I read it in my interior decorating book last night.. it's because everything is in the same colour tone and palatte and there is a plain, a check or stripe and a pattern. the rules Miss Smith, the rules! I am currently making a set of cushions to dress our bed with - because they come from preloved items whose origin was probably a deceased estate Trev reckons I'm turning our bedroom into a morgue. Not so, Trev, the recycle of life!

  2. Teenage-man will love his pillowcases I'm sure. Mum thinks perhaps a better title would be boy-man because he pulled a sickie today and refused to get out of bed! Apparantly hes going to school at lunch time but I'll believe that when I see it