Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robots for Boo-wieze

Louise, or "Boo-wieze" as Sylvie calls her, asked for two robots, a boy and a girl. "Maybe the girl one could have wee skirt or something?" she said. Louise is scottish so when she says "a wee skirt" it sounds SO lovely. If I could have any other accent other than a kiwi one, I would have a scottish one. Anyhoo, I thought about the skirt for a long time. What sort of skirt would a robot wear? Finally I found this little stretchy trim at Spotlight and knew it would be the one. Somehow I love the ridiculous combination of a pink, fluffy robot and a texan-style wee short gingham skirtie. Craft makes me so happy.

By the way, for those who were asking about my measuring cups, they were $14 from the Mediterranean Food Store on Halifax St in Nelson.

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  1. Your craft makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Little Benjy LOVES sucking on the robots legs by the way. They're a really good shape for baby chomping.

    Now there's a thought - how about a robot teething ring?

  2. Hey there Miss Smith

    And little Flynneeeee (as his cousin Stella calls him) loves his robbot ball! Thanks so much; you're a clever, clever girl!