Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red love

Yesterday morning Sylvie came into the kitchen looking rather forlorn. "I need a red love" she said.
"I have love in every colour" I quickly reassured her, and gave her a big hug.
"No!" she said "I need a red LOVE".
I was clearly missing some vital element of her request, so I said "Can you show me?".
She led me into the living room and showed me the knitting needles with a mostly finished mitten on them. Aha! I got it then. She needed a red GLOVE.
That brings me neatly to my latest craft activity. I've been knitting mittens. I used the classic mitten pattern available free from here, starting on a circular needle but quickly reverting to the 2 needle instructions because circular was just beyond my remedial knitting skills. The pattern is adjusted to have a stitch or two missing or added here or there, and to have a wonky thumb, but actually a bit of creativity in the sewing up masked a multitude of knitting sins. The next pair, shown below, were much, much, much better. That's because I didn't knit them. I bought them from the "new knitting" basket at the hospice shop that is regularly filled with beautiful new handknits from people who really know what they're doing with a pair o' needles.

And here is the full mitten-hand-hold. *Sigh*

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  1. Your knitting story reminded ne of one of the many times I have been a really disappointing parent to my kids. I decided a long time ago that I too would knit not only mittens but also gloves for my children. I bought a pattern for both and made one perfect glove ( 5 fingers and a star pattern on it as well) for annarose and a green mitten for tom. THen alas I never made the other glove or other mitten ever and they remembered it for a long long time. SO i always have sad associations with gloves and mittens because they remind me how much I wanted to be the best ever for them and wasn't. Still We all get along well enough so I guess it wasnt as bad as I imagined.

  2. Luckily it is not knitting and sewing that makes someone a wonderful mother. You are a superwonderful mum because you are loving and interested and kind! And you are also very creative and talented in so many craft ways including knitting, you just don't have a whole lot of time to do that stuff with all the other things you do.

  3. As I remember I you DID go to start the second of each glove and mitten, it was just that so many years had passed by that time that the first ones didnt fit anymore haha