Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moana works it out!

You'd think little Moana here had enough troubles, what with being differently abled and everything, but to make matters worse he had no clothes. (Yes, dolls are anatomically correct these days~! Goodness me! How delightful!).

I made him some little clothes. A smoking jacket, and some checked pants. Work it out Moana!

Love that "thumbs up", Moana! Remember to keep that face pretty! Give me "cool"!

To go with Moana's smoking jacket I am going to craft a pipe and a wee glass of whiskey.
JOKING! Sheesh! But it would be funny though, wouldn't it...
No, we will call it a "lounge jacket" instead, and that way it is very wholesome.

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  1. wlcwell even though today is another hectic day I've allowed myself a revisit to see MOana. I did look deranged cackling away to myself here in the office first thing in the morning. my suggestion is Moana has so many troubles that if he wants a pipe then maybe he should have one.

  2. Miss Smith, as Mr Grinley (the lighthouse keeper) would say 'Superb, truely superb'. I have added you blog to the increasing list that I freqently visit! Thanks for the other tips too. I am feeling the need to dust my sewing machine off, Hester's anatomacally corect baby doll should probably have some boy clothes of his own!
    See you soon!