Monday, June 23, 2008

Mission, completed!

Well, all my 'texture cushions' are finished. Here is the last one, with a little bed for Shuko in it. Shuko is leaving home. It's sad, but she's ready to go into the wide world of the childcare, where she can be cuddled more often than she is at home.

I put zips in the back of the cushions because I had some lying around. I even did it *neatly*.

And the weather has cleared up a bit so I took these photos outside where the light is a bit better.

Bye shuko! Have a great time out there! Send us a postcard!

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  1. WOw those cushions are amazing. They will add a real touch of class to the childcare centre and all the children will want the one with the bed for the shuko. I would anyway. How lucky are they?

  2. Great work!
    Shuko looks very happy!
    Keep up the great blog
    From Fleur