Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mary Anna's house- part 3

Today, blogfriends, I have some more items to show from my sister's place. Above, these pseudo3D-vases, and below, the patchwork quilt that Mary Anna hand pieced and hand quilted when she was a lass of about 19 or 20. Since she was making one, I made one too. However, whereas hers is beautiful and well made, mine was absolutely hideous. I used every piece of free fabric I could find, including school uniforms, a bridesmaid dress, you name it. This was in the late 80's, and I'm sure you can imagine the full horror of polyester bridesmaid fabric. Ew! You might notice I have not included a photo of my quilt here, lest I scare you away. Mine actually made it into the bin at one stage, but Mary Anna picked it out and took it away to live at her place. Neither she nor I have made another patchwork thing since these first patchwork adventures, but I can feel a patchwork project coming on soon after looking at lots of lovely blog sites with very beautiful patchwork or patchwork-related stuff, e.g. these cute pencil rolls and all sevenstitches stuff.

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  1. The best thing about a hand pieced quilt is the memories that go with such a big time investment.

    I love your quilt precisely because of all the memories. For instance, there is a piece of Balmacewen Intermediate kilt, Miri's bridesmaid's dress for Marg's wedding; and numerous sewing projects that only survive -and ever only saw the light of day - in your quilt.

    As for my quilt, it also contains many memories - I hand pieced and stitched about 1200 pieces over 2 years - much of it while working at Franz Josef. In fact, it was at the Hotel in Franz that I had my first craft club. There were only 3 of us who didn't spend our entire salaries in the pub - clean livers in every sense of the word -and we met to stich.