Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lower South Island Kiwiana Food: Episode 1- The dressed pie

Gather around everyone, today we are going to talk about the "dressed pie". All you lower South Island of New Zealand readers will be sighing a happy sigh right now, and perhaps musing about how long it is since you've had a dressed pie, or even talking about where the best dressed pie can be found. Other readers might be bewildered, muttering "how the friggin' heck do you dress a pie?".
Let me tell you.

A dressed pie is a potato-topped pie, topped with peas and sliced tinned beetroot, and kept in a tepid pie warmer until the lucky consumer purchases it. Often as not the peas are wrinkled and quite hard by this time, the potato is stained magenta, and the beetroot is leathery to the bite. I've even seen a dressed pie with a jaunty slice of tomato on the top, but that might be something peculiar to the Chistchurch strain. Recently TVNZ did a dressed pie on one of their cooking shows. A picture of it is below, and the recipe is here.

In recognition of my lower South Island roots, I did a "deconstructed dressed pie" for dinner last night. The pie is not just any pie, oh no, it's a MyPie pie (blue cheese and kumara). The peas are cooked only a few minutes, and the beetroot is in the form of a beetroot, tomato, and balsamic salad. The mashed potato is still just mashed potato. Here it is.

Because we find such things amusing, both Simon and I "dressed" our pies on the plate, heaping mashed potato, peas, and beetroot on the top of the pie before we started eating. The instructions of the TVNZ recipe were most helpful here, "think about what you're doing, and make it beautiful."
Next episode: Cheese rolls
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  1. Ooh, and perhaps you could do ambrosia after the cheese rolls, even though ambrosia really is a summer dessert. Every time I want to make ambrosia I have to ring our good friend Wendy (she of the infamous jelly slice, made with peculiar Yo-yo biscuits)and ask her to remind me how to do it. I should just write down the recipe one day... although it is always a good excuse to chat to a friend on the other side of our wide brown land.