Monday, June 9, 2008

The "last supper" tote


Sometimes I see fabric that I just can't believe exists, like this "last supper" print highlighted on my latest tote bag. I found it at Spotlight (reduced from $30 to $2 a metre- score!). I would love to be in the ideas room of the fabric printing business that thinks these up. "Has anyone done "Tullia Drives over the Corpse of her Father" on 100% cotton yet?". The other fabric in this tote is a red/blue fabric sample from a furnishing/curtain shop, and junk-shopped denim. The swear words while sewing were reasonably tame and only occasional this time.
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  1. Love the bag - it is super! You clever crafter. Katie.

  2. Wow thats pretty much my dream fabric! Great bag I love it