Friday, June 20, 2008

Do these scare you?

Sometimes I get fabric that's just so cool or so beautiful that I am afraid to use it. These are the two pieces I have at the moment that scare the [bleep] out of me. What if I make something hideous and mess them up? The one on the right is japanese, it's a gift from my lovely neighbour Joy. The other one was only $2 a meter because obviously not everyone else thinks it's as beautiful as I think it is, but I'm still freaked out in case I ruin it. Stay tuned. If I make something great I will show you. If I make something revolting I'll show you too and we can just laugh at it.
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  1. OK Miss Smith, here's what you do.

    You log on to Pattern Review and you took a good hard long look through what clothes people are making and then you go, Nah, I think I'll make a bag.

    There is one woman, whose name I shall not publish because it would be too uncharitable, who makes AWFUL stuff. The thing that cracks me up is all the comments underneath, "Nice job XXXX, looks lovely on you."


    It's sobering viewing sometimes.

  2. Ok Miss Smith mark two: Here's what you do... you follow marynanna's advise and make a bag with the first one then mount the japanese one onto paper silk and turn it into a scroll. Or whatever...
    love, V.

  3. Or you pass the whole lot on to your good friend Katie who would make Paul a lovely bag for his bike stuff.