Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why I like junk shopping so much

You know how you have some days that are rather unspecial? Today started out like that. I spent the morning doing my normal day-job stuff, then took the car to the panel beaters (don't ask), then went to the bank. All very ordinary. Just before hopping back into the dented car, I popped into the op shop to have a wee squiz. Well, there it was, this little hand-turned blackwood bowl. I so love it. It whispered "I will be so happy at your place" and I knew it was right. I paid my $1 and left feeling so light hearted. The day just got better after that. Harry, Sylvie and I played outside in the sandpit for hours and then I came in to the most amazingly lovely email from my friend Julia. Thanks Julia, I love that you love the things I made!
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  1. that bowl for just a dollar is so amazing. I think your tea set is great too and what a fun way to spend an afternoon. Ddi you know yesterday was international no diet day. To celebrate When I was in Wellington yesterday I met Rosie for a hot chocolate, hot fries and a large piece of orange almond cake ( gluten free of course) after my meeting. Delicious.