Thursday, May 29, 2008

See ya!

Okay, I know you've seen some of these before, but this photo is the parting shot before they get sent off to the childcare centre in Dunedin. They are having a wee party here with a pumpkin from my Mum's garden. What was that? You love the fabric in the background? Oh thank you. I got it at the junk shop for 20 cents. Tra la la la la.

See ya later, I'm off to meet my newest nephew today and I won't be back till Sunday. I'll have ooooodles of craft to show you then from my sister's place.
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  1. Those robots are so so cool. You are a legend, Miss Smith. Or, as Flynn would say, "weeeeaaaaaooooo!" I only wish he went to that childcare centre so he could play with them!

  2. I might have to visit them when I go home in a two weeks! Hope you have a great weekend with Mary Anna