Friday, May 9, 2008

Make a wish

I bet you didn't know that you can make a wish when you see a car transporter, now did you? If it's in a little golden book then it must be true.

I wish...I wish...I wish...for a night in front of the telly watching Project Runway and for a weekend that's just Too Much Fun. What do you wish for?
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  1. I wish for the Bernina 240 which is on special at 10% off for mother's day. Not that I'm doing a plug for the Bernina shop but I am sooooooooo sick of my made-in-China-crap-out-any-moment Janome. You know you think you've got a product that works well but they always break down.. just like my old designed-in-Italy-made-in-China Sunbeam espresso machine which had to be replaced every year because that famed 15 bar pressure goes to 0 bar pressure pretty much as soon as the warranty runs out... Haaaaaaaaaaarumph.