Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Kaituna Track

One of the advantages of walking in the bush with small children is that you go at a pace that allows you to notice all sorts of cool stuff. These...lichens?...fungi?...were growing from the trunk of a tree that was alongside the path on the Kaituna Track in Golden Bay, which we walked a wee way along last weekend. They were tiny actually, which you can't tell from the photo. You may have noticed I am rather fond of plant-life, but how could I not be? How amazingly weird and cool are these wee things, and yet I've never ever seen them before, even though I look at plants pretty often.

Even if you're not overly into plants, there are lots of great reasons to go to the Kaituna Track. There are workings of old gold diggings, which might appeal if you are historically minded, and there is also a fantastic cafe, The Naked Possum, which will appeal if you are greedy minded like me.
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  1. They are wonderful, they look like orange peel! Gorgeous!