Wednesday, May 7, 2008

International no diet day

I can't believe I missed international no diet day on May 6th. In celebration of such a positive and forward-thinking day, I am posting this picture of chocolate melted into cream. It is the hot chocolate that I bought at the Cafe de Flore in Paris about 5 years ago. It was just so perfect I had to take a photo. The cup and saucer were both hot. It came with iced water, and more cream and chocolate in the little jug (with a wee protector that stopped you burning your hand on the hot handle). It was incredibly delicious and I will remember it even when I am an old woman. With any luck by then I will have forgotten any stupid diets I've been on. Happy, chubby, lovely, curvy, Wednesday!
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  1. what a beautiful photo and it's so nice to see cafes taking such pride in their wares..

    hey yesterday I went back to a cafe where CD and I had dinner the other night because the waitress hadn't added the coffees to the bill and I thought I'd do the honest thing. Anyway, when I explained to her what had happened she pulled out a whole stack of receipts and sifted through all the tables where people had left with things still outstanding on the bill! anyway ours wasn't there because the waitress never wrote it up but there were whole bottles of Central Otago pinot owing etc.. I was truly surprised that so many people stiffed cafes..

    anyway to celebrate no diet day I think I will have wine and dessert at Kath's place. (we're not going to Bluebird this week.. oh yes it's meat and alcohol for the girls this week)