Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love autumn and lemon cordial

It's good to be home again. There are beautiful autumn colours everywhere I look at the moment, and here are some from our own back garden.
I love how pragmatic my Mum is. In the midst of shifting one of her biggest priorities was that lemon cordial be made from the lemons on the lemon tree, so I set about and did that for her on Thursday night. Here is the recipe she uses, it's an aged yellowed recipe cut from a newspaper and stuck into an old exercise book. "One of Alison Holst's, so it's very reliable" she said. Here it is, should you want to make some yourself...

7 c water
8 c sugar
rind and juice of 6-8 lemons
2 T citric acid
2 T tartaric acid
2 T epsom salts

Heat together sugar, water, rind. Once it boils, remove it from the heat and add the juice and other ingredients. Stir to dissolve everything. Cool a little, strain and seal. Store in a cool place. Keeps several months.

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