Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Engines in the shed" A game devised by Miss Smith and Harry

Good morning.

For show and tell today I have our game, "Engines in the shed". You start by printing off a picture of a train shed that will appeal to your 4-year-old. You can find an image just by googling "deluxe engine shed wooden thomas". Then you laminate it and stick on some velcro dots as illustrated below:

Moving right you print off lots of pictures of trains, just little pictures, and you laminate those too. Then you stick a velcro dot on the back. These are going to be your "shopping list" of engines.

Now you print a larger image of each train and laminate that too. They go face down in a pile on the table. This is how you play: 1. Make your shopping list of engines in the shed. 2. Turn the big cards over in the middle of the table so you can't see what's on them. 3. Take turns choosing a card from the pile and say "Do I have this one in my shed?". If "yes" you get to keep it. If "no" it goes back on the pile, so it's kind of like a cross between happy families and the memory game.

We can play this game for hours and hours and hours.
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  1. Great idea, I know of a 2 1/2 year old who would just love a game just like that!