Monday, May 26, 2008

Cup of tea while I gloat?

Yes, I've been junk shopping again. This time I found this rather groovy little tray ($1 at The Hospice Shop) and these 4 dinky cups that all match ($0.50 each at The Lifeline Goodwill Store). Tra la la la la la! Little Sylvie, who is two, gasped when she saw them. "What CUTE cups!" she said, then "Can I have a hot chocolate?"

Hope y'all had a nice weekend. Have a good Monday, too!
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  1. ooh Miss Smith you are so lucky to live in a town with good op shops. The op shops near us don't provide a huge amount of joy - the Hospice in the village doesn't offer any bargains ($15 for an old blanket) and the Sally army down the road demonstrates that one person's junk is another person's junk with a price tag.