Thursday, May 1, 2008

Craft memories

Here are two craft memories from Mum's place, the felt eeyore I made when I was 17, and in the background, the sewing machine I learned to sew on. It is an old singer knee-treadle machine, it just did straight stitch, but it was fantastic. You could successfully adjust the tension on it which is more than I can say for the next machine I had! My sisters and I made loads of things on this machine, clothes for toys, clothes for ourselves, patchwork-esque things, collages. The eeyore is from The Pooh Craft Book, I don't have it anymore but I think this might be it here. Actually, it was a great book and I had a lot of fun making all the toys in it.
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  1. Actually, I remember one of the doll's clothes that you made on that machine.. it was a suit jacket and you had the most imaginative way of attaching lapels; you simply cut out a pair of lip shaped pieces of fabric and sewed them onto the front of the jacket. It was quite ingenious given you can't have been that old. I can't remember sewing anything on it myself, although I remember waiting for it because it was promised as a birthday present. Marg was happy to give it to me early, but Miri said I had to pay $5 if I wanted it before my birthday - an impossilbe sum, at 20 cents pocket money a week. (That was before I worked out that I could get my little sister to save up her pocket money to buy things for me...)

  2. actually I remember buying that machine. Miri and I had scraped together our paper run money and walked down to queen street off pitt street and we paid I think $20 dollars for it. Then we carried it back home taking turns because it was very heavy. I remember the woman offering to carry it to our car and we had to admit there wasn't one. She was apalled.It turned out to be fantastic purchase and we stitched many an outfit - intially for our dolls. You may remember that we played with our dolls for an embarrassingly long lenth of time. ( I was at least 13)

  3. I had a flatmate who was an identical twin and for some reason I made them each one of those eyores, identical of course. Seemed a perfectly normal thing to do at the time...If I had the knitting skills I would have preferred to make something out of 'Royal Knits'. The throne room ensemble? Knitted toilet seat cover with a crown emblem, or was it a pair of corgis? Sorry about that $5 MA. That was the only sewing machine I've ever had that had perfect tension even if it was just for sewing doll's clothes. I might have been better to stick to them given that I have never quite pinned down that elusive pattern/fabric/person match.