Thursday, May 22, 2008

01, 10, 11

I was beginning to feel like I hadn't actually completed a craft project for aaaaaages. Last night I sat down with the robot box and realised that was because I had three robots in partial states of completion. A nice long night in front of the warm, caring, educational telly was just what I needed to finish them.

On the left is my first attempt at a girl robot. I'm not sure about it actually. It's kind of cool but I think I like my non-gender-specific ones better. I'll tell you something though, putting two circular dials side-by-side on the front of a girl robot is a big mistake. It suddenly makes it quite rude. Good for cracking yourself up, but that's about it.
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  1. Yes better to leave them androgenous - if you make them boy robots you are going to run into similar problems with arrow placement and direction.

  2. How about putting a heart on the outside of one of your robots. I kind of fancy that - or even a wiggly snaky ropey large intestine?