Saturday, April 26, 2008


We left Nelson with very heavy hearts for the drive down to Christchurch, but actually the beautiful scenery on the way was so therapeutic. The sea around Kaikoura was every shade of blue and grey, and the autumn colours through the vineyards of Marlborough were golden and warm. We arrived as the evening set in, and went to Mum's place to see how she was doing. She is so amazing, she has everything organized. The first job that we got onto today was doing jobs around the garden. I love these pumpkins and butternuts in the shed, they are so cheerful and bright. I brought some sewing down with me to doodle around with in the evenings, but I haven't done any yet what with all the drinking wine, reminiscing, and feeling sad together. "Now say something pithy and wise" said my sister, who is supervising my blogpost tonight.
Okay then. "Always watch where you walk at the dump". That's a story for another post.
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  1. It is good to hear that there are some happy moments amongst it all. This is a great time of year for pumpkins. Im looking forward to hearing about what happened at the dump. now I am curious.

  2. Mum you are such a dork. Are you going to make soup?

  3. abolutely. There are any amount of pumpkins at grandmas and you can take one or more home with you to make your own soup on wednesday.

  4. Okay here's what happened at the dump. I was chucking stuff into the pit when I squelched in something that looked like porridge but smelled like vomit. The edited version of what I said was "watch out for that unpleasant substance". A few minutes later Simon also stood in said substance and the edited version of what he said was "Oh dear. I have stood in that unpleasant substance also. That might make for undesirable smells in our vehicle". The moral of the story...always watch where you walk at the dump.