Monday, April 7, 2008

Miss Smith's mum's birthday

Now, some people are easy to buy for and some people aren't. My mum, whose birthday is rapidly approaching, is really difficult to buy for as she is just so darn practical. No, really. Here are some of the presents I've bought her previously, just to illustrate how incredibly practical she is: some organic garden fertilizer, some garden twine, stamps, envelopes, a vegetable knife...and lots of book vouchers. See what I mean? But even practical people, or perhaps especially practical people, need cloth bags to take to the supermarket. This one is loosely based on the tote pattern in this book, and is made from black cotton drill with green cotton lining, with a junk-shop doily made into a pocket. It's reversible as it happens, so if she is feeling daring she can flip it inside out and show off the louder print.
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  1. The bag looks great .. I'm sure mum will love it!