Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New labels!

Oh cool, my labels have arrived. I ordered them from Fancyweaver after reading about them here. Thank goodness for blog-advice, because I knew to ask for a good 15 mm either side of the type so that they could be sewn into seams easily. I gotta say, this was a very painless and economical craft thrill: the layout was emailed to me within a day or ordering, and they were woven, packaged, and mailed to reach me in less than 3 weeks from ordering, all the way from Hong Kong to New Zealand! Now I will have to get onto my "to do" pile so that I have some seams to sew them into!
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  1. Omg theyre so cool! They will look super on your crafts

  2. Miss Smith you make the BEST robots ever and the NICEST jasmine tea. Super crafting with you last night and exciting to see your labels in the flesh!

  3. Exciting! Thanks for the tip. I need to order some labels soon so I might try this place.