Thursday, April 17, 2008

My no end in sight ripple along scarf

Last year I learned how to crochet, at last, after meaning to for I-dunno-how-long. What really inspired me to learn was all the great stuff on the no end in sight ripple along blog. So, the lovely Kim at work showed me how, and I was away. This was my first project, my chevron scarf. Now, I need to share a wee few disasters with you. First, the scarf is wider at one end than the other. Hmmm. Next, I bought wool out of the sale bin thinking "that'll do!" because it was cheap and it was my first project that I suspected may be a learning exercise anyway, but being cheap the wool is fearsomely scratchy and thus rather unsuited to being a nice cosy scarf. Last, the scarf is a little too wide, so that it bunches up around my neck instead of wrapping snuggly around. That'll teach me to just wing it with no pattern, to use cheapo wool, and to skip doing a test square.
Or will it?
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